1950/1986 Verve Records The Triumvirate Summit, April 19, 2004 By David Gedalecia "DGed" (Wooster, OH USA) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME) This review is from: Bird & Diz (Audio CD) This session had real possibilities, but, as Max Harrison, Ira Gitler, Martin Williams, and recently Carl Woideck all point out, the presence of Buddy Rich, and his rim-shot/heavy-on-the-bass drum swing approach in the company of Parker, Gillespie and Monk, puts a drag on the proceedings. But this is not a diatribe on Rich. No doubt his inclusion was Norman Granz's idea, since he used Rich a lot in the JATP sessions in more appropriate musical contexts. What saves things are the many new intricate bop pieces that one finds only here, the teaming up of Monk with Bird and Diz, and some wonderfully inspired playing. One is hard-pressed, beyond Dean Benedetti's brief snippets, to find a Parker-Monk combination, and a Diz-Monk match-up is probably non-existent. It is especially interesting to hear Monk play behind Gillespie: all sorts of fascinating harmonic ideas emerge. All three are in fine form, and had Max Roach, or Kenny Clarke, or Roy Haynes been chosen to form a quadrumvirate, this would have been an even more unique session than it is, for they had given modern jazz drumming an independent voice, beyond just rhythmic accompaniment. Even so, the union of the triumvirate means that this is a five-star recording. It has been reissued on Polygram with alternate takes, though none of "Bloomdido" or "Mohawk," two of the real stand-outs. A1. Bloomdido A2. An Oscar For Treadwell A3. An Oscar For Treadwell (Alternate Take) A4. Mohawk A5. Mohawk (Alternate Take) B1. My Melancholy Baby B2. Leap Frog B3. Leap Frog (Alternate Take) B4. Leap Frog (Alternate Take) B5. Relaxin' With Lee B6. Relaxin' With Lee (Alternate Take)